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The Natural Contents Kitchen specializes in organic, regionally sourced farm fresh foods and healthy indulgences. NCK savories and sweets accommodate dietary choices without the sacrifice of flavor. Vegans, vegetarians and paleo eaters alike can enjoy an array of gluten and grain free eats and treats with one common thread – farm fresh goodness rooted in organic practice.


Inspired by the local growing season, our offerings change based on the availability of our farm partners and our year-round preservation of ingredients. We only source clean unadulterated produce, eggs and meats - more than 98% of our pantry staples are certified organic.


NCK aspires to delight you with simple and delicious good food – the same food we love to eat, share and enjoy.


Food Philosophy

Natural Contents’ food philosophy is simple. Good food for everyone. Clean, unadulterated ingredients sourced seasonally from local and regional farms rooted in organic practice for an Eat Better Feel Better approach to living - prepared with love, Radical Homemaker style :)


In addition to providing customers with quality, locally sourced, healthy food options; supporting a regional food system affords us the greatest satisfaction. Knowing to whom and what that money is going towards and how those monies flow right back into the community makes the process full circle for us. Every week, NCK supports the efforts of 12 to 20 farms - economic impact to feel good about.


The Natural Contents Kitchen started not only to create a business to sustain our family but to also help folks find their way toward wellness. Our own health issues made us realize the extent of damage done by the conventional food system. Sharing our food and experience is our way of counteracting big ag and giant food corporations. A food revolution is happening and NCK is proud to be part of it!



Our kitchen is the place of inspiration for this wondrous adventure. One night in January 2010, we decided to create a place online to take some of the legwork out of the daunting process of changing how and what to eat. Our hope was to help by sharing our story and to act as a portal for goods and information. So, in October 2011 was born – an online marketplace and sounding board, where we shared our health transformation as well as our experiences, recipes and ingredients to help spread the word, first hand, that changing the food consumed, works; and to help empower people to find their way back to wellness through eating chemical free, farm fresh foods.


During this time, we learned and cooked up a storm. Friends and family fell in love with the delicious creations we would whip up and would continually comment how we should sell prepared foods and healthy indulgences to make healthy, local, seasonal eating more attainable.


In December 2012, morphed into the Natural Contents Kitchen, offering an array of Farm Fresh Real Foods and Healthy Indulgences.


In practice throughout, Natural Contents stands strongly behind local and regional agriculture; proudly sourcing organic, non-GMO and naturally gluten free ingredients from regional farms and food producers rooted in organic practice. Additional ingredients are sourced from small businesses and independent national brands participating in what we determine to be sustainable business. 100% of the produce used is based on seasonal availability yet preserved for year-round use. Artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, additives, refined sugars and flours are not used. We don’t compromise and neither should you!


NCK Crew


NCK is owned and operated by Co-founders and Radical Homemakers, Danielle Gaebel and Jennifer Bitetto.


Danielle and Jennifer are self-proclaimed fast food junkies turned real food lovers. After a lifetime of “conventional” eating and cooking, they, along with the support of their two children, Geri and Jason, transformed their family’s life using a whole foods organic approach. Plagued with certain health issues, they were determined to change what they were eating to ultimately aid in their collective wellness. They have devoted the past five years to leading a healthy lifestyle; the couples thought, care and love for what they do is felt with every bite consumed...


Danielle, creator, head chef and baker, brings her extensive experience in sales, marketing and management to the table coupled with her love of clean unadulterated food and unique recipe creation. Blessed with an Italian grandmother who loved to cook and take care of family, Danielle grew up with a whisk in hand. Coming to the realization that true food is her path, she has sharpened her cooking skills and built knowledge and abilities centered on organic, paleo, non-gmo, naturally gluten and grain free foods. Crafting new creations is a favorite pastime for Danielle and her love for healthy indulgences is shown with every muffin she bakes.


Jennifer, operations manager, brings experience in the area of management, coordination and distribution. Jennifer is the CFO and handles everything from general management to wholesale and distribution, and is happy to be NCK’s head taste tester. Over the past few years, she has had the pleasure of interning at an organic farm, assiting a local coffee roaster with operations and serving as a farmers' market assistant. Basically, you'll find Jen juggling lots all at once as there's always something to do in and out of the kitchen.


The NCK duo’s children, assist with all phases of production - from de-stemming strawberries to washing dishes, from labeling to taste testing and everything in between! Geri and Jason have spent their youth in the kitchen tasting new foods and learning about the broken food system. They’ve become quite the assistants and have come to expect only the very best from momz kitchen.

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