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About Natural Contents

  Our mission at Natural Contents is to encourage healthy eating while providing access to and knowledge   of good, clean, unadulterated food.


  In an effort to help connect people to food, The Natural Contents Kitchen was launched to provide   delicious, weekly prepared food shares to our local community at large.


  We celebrate & utilize the bounty of local and regional organic farms and food producers to prepare   seasonal, farm fresh food; food that nourishes the wellness of all connected to it.


  By supporting The Natural Contents Kitchen, you are supporting the efforts of many. We take pride in our   business relationships created with choice farmers, producers and distributors.


Our website serves as an online shopping experience for those seeking access to our natural and organic pantry staples, freezer items, farm fresh goods, and of course...our weekly prepared foods.


Our blog is a way for everyone to stay connected as our journey continues forward. Sharing experiences, we believe, is the best form of education.


Natural Contents, born in October 2011, was created to share our family’s health transformation; letting folks know, first hand, that changing the food We went from Fast food junkies to Fresh Food lovers in hopes of combating growing health concerns. Our goal was, and is, to empower people to find their way back to their health and wellness through eating chemical free, farm fresh foods. The excessive exposure to toxins in food, we believe, is directly related to the rise in everything from autism and diabetes to multiple sclerosis and cancer.


Knowledge changes definitely changed us. We aspire to share the value of supporting sustainable agriculture and for striving toward eating better foods. From cooking classes and demos to special events and documentary screenings, we are excited to further awareness on farming, the food system, health and wellness.


There’s still plenty to come...and more chapters to this book. We hope you will join us on this journey.


- Danielle and Jennifer

Co-founders & Radical Homemakers


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