5 Foods to Keep You HydratedJul. 31st


Staying hydrated in hot weather is key. Every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies needs water to work correctly. Your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste and lubricate joints. Water is the best option for staying … Continue Reading ⇒

5 tips to help navigate farm market tents of deliciousness…Jul. 2nd


  Know what’s in season and embrace it.       Things are always in flux at market and weather plays a huge role. Embrace the idea that you might not find tomatoes when you want them but when you … Continue Reading ⇒

Breaker, breaker…Update from Headquarters!May. 15th

NCK Staff

Hi folks! It seems like forever and a day since we last spoke… We had a great break and an overall peaceful winter. Your NCK duo is rested, tuned-up and ready for a fantastic season! So what have we been … Continue Reading ⇒

Our Whole30 & GAPS Diet Reset…Feb. 9th


Here we are, the 9th of February, getting ready to embark on yet another health mission. Four years ago, we went from fast food junkies living the SAD (Standard American Diet) to farm fresh real food lovers. Today, we attempt … Continue Reading ⇒