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Weekly Prepared Food

Here's how to begin:
1 Check out Weekly Menu
2. Choose a Pick-Up location
3. Buy individual items or a share
4. Consider a Jar & Cooler Package*
5. Add Pantry Staples, veggies, etc...
6. Submit your order
7. Pick-Up your food...Enjoy
*Jars & cooler exchanged at next pick-up

Please read Welcome to the Kitchen for a better understanding of what to expect. After week 1, the process will seem much easier.

Pick-Up & Delivery

Please visit our Pick-Up & Delivery page for details on current pick-up locations. You will be provided the option for free local pick-up at checkout. Select a location that suits your needs.

Jar & Cooler Package

A one time fee to receive your weekly food packed in a soft cooler with ice packs for grab and go convenience. Jar & Cooler Package is just shy of being required. We strongly encourage you to purchase it after you've tried us out. Makes for a much easier packaging process. Return all containers, coolers and ice packs at next pick-up. A nominal charge will apply for damaged or lost items. Regular wear and tear is on us.

Account Sign-up

In addition to all of your information being safely stored for future use, by setting up an account, you will automatically recieve 10% off pantry staples. The discount is applied to individual items listed on website while logged into the system. The discount does not apply to certain perishable items; pre-ordered cases; and items sold in bulk.

NCK Bucks

Be a Supporting NCK Bucks to help with purchasing of seasonal ingredients. NCK Bucks can be purchased in any dollar amount. You have the option to send a printed version to use as a gift as well. A code will be issued and emailed to you that can be entered prior to checkout. Use your NCK Bucks like a credit toward future orders. You can keep track of your balance by signing into your NCK Account. *Please note, NCK Bucks cannot be used to purchase NCK Bucks, Bulk/Case Special Orders, Catering or Classes.

Coupon Codes

To use your coupon code, enter the number provided into the discount code box prior to checkout. Please note, coupon codes are not valid on gift certificate purchases.

Bulk & Case Pre-ordering

Bulk and case pricing happily provided upon request. Please contact us with the details. A 20% surcharge is added to the wholesale price. Pre-ordered items may take upto 2 weeks to fulfil. Pre-orders must be prepaid.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged on taxable items only. Please note, most pantry food items are non-taxable.

Canceling Your Order

Call us immediately at 888-551-8625.

Returns and Exchanges

Other than Incorrect, Damaged or Expired items, there are no returns or exchanges. If for some reason you are unhappy with your order, please contact us within five business days so that we may address your issue.

Contact Us

Please use our Contact Form - be sure to include a detailed message. Give us a ring at 888-551-8625. If we are unable to take your call, please leave a detailed message and we will return your call in a timely fashion. Our mailing address is LLC, PO Box 203, Narrowsburg, NY 12764. Currently, we do not have a physical retail space for you to visit.

Payment Information

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Check or cash are accepted by pre-approval.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

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