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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to order a weekly share?

No, items can be purchased individually or in a weekly share. You can buy as little or as much as you would like.

If order window is closed can I still order?

If within 24 hours of deadline, it may be possible. Otherwise, the answer is likely no but contact us to confirm.

What happens if I need to cancel my order for the week?

Please let us know no later than Monday, 6am.

What happens if I cancel too late?

We can try to arrange for an alternative pick-up/delivery - or you will have the option to donate your food to a local family.

When do you post the new menu?

Menus are emailed and posted every Thursday. Orders to be placed by Sunday, 3pm.

Jars & Containers

Do I need to purchase a Jar & Cooler Deposit?

No, but we do encourage regular customers to do so. Benefits include grab and go convenience at pick-up and temperature management for the food.

Do I need to purchase every week to use the Jar & Cooler Deposit?

No, simply keep your jars and cooler. Return the next time you order, whenever that may be.

Should I wash my jars?

Yes, please! We ask that you return all jars, lids and screw bands clean. All jars are sanitized on our end as well.

Can I use my own jars?

Sorry, no. However, if you have new or gently used wide mouth mason jars in very good condition let us know. We may be able to take them off your hands.

A jar broke. Can I return it?

No. Please recycle it. Fortunately, your jar deposit is there to take care of all the rest.

Will I get my jar deposit back?

Deposit will be refunded should you cancel service. All items must be returned in good condition to receive refund. Any items missing or broken, applicable charges will apply.

Food & Ingredients

Are you able to make individual meals to accommodate my restrictions/likes/dislikes?

Yes and no. We prepare all of our food in batches. When choosing your selections for the week, we strongly encourage you to read through the list of ingredients. If you are interested in food prepared to your needs, please contact us with the details. We will always try to accommodate but may need to request an additional charge.

Is your food spicy?

Not unless noted. We encourage adding a dash of hot pepper or hot sauce at home to those dishes worth spicing up.

Is your food salty?

Our food is salted to taste using French Celtic Sea Salt. Salt is a necessity in bringing out flavors and in keeping balance in the body.

What type of sweetener do you use?

Our sweeteners of choice are coconut sugar, coconut nectar, honey and maple syrup.

Do your foods contain gluten?

The majority of meals and healthy indulgences are prepared with ingredients that are naturally gluten free. On occasion we may use sprouted spelt flour (easier to digest but contains gluten). Such items are clearly noted on weekly menu.

What happens if I don’t like something?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on foods you simply don’t like. We do encourage you to send us your feedback, however, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Reheating & Freezing Food

How would I reheat the food?

We encourage you to NOT use the microwave given the hidden dangers. Instead, we recommend the use of your oven or stovetop.

Can I freeze the food?

Certain foods can be frozen. Such details will be noted on the weekly menu.

Catering & Private Cooking

Do you cater?

Yes, but we like to work with each individual on a per case basis. If you’re interested please contact us with details…type of event, number of people, date and general budget.

Do you offer private (in-home) cooking?

Yes, special rates do apply. Please contact us with the details of your request, as we would love to consider.

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