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Services Offered

*All services are customized. Please email details for pricing.

Radical Homemaker House Party

Get your group together and invite us for a house party to include a cooking demo, tasting and some great conversation about food, what to look for and how to make healthier choices. Designed specifically to any type of gathering.

Private Party Cooking

Would you like to have a get-together and not be trapped in the kitchen? Let us do all the work for you. We’ll help set up, do all the cooking and the best part, take care of the clean up. You’ll be able to enjoy your guests and if you’re inclined to do so you can even jump into the kitchen and help. Enjoy the wafting smells from the kitchen as fresh organic food is prepared and served.


*Organic, non-gmo, naturally gluten free, whole foods cooking.
Based on farm fresh local organic vegetables, pasture raised regional meats and eggs and properly sourced organic pantry staples.

Cooking Demos

Polenta Bar - Explore using a simple grain cultivated in NY State with fresh veggies, cheeses and meats from our local farms to create a quick yet nutritious meal.


Cooking from the Pantry - With a selection of simple grains, beans and pasta from the Natural Contents' Pantry, you’ll have the base to create many easy to prepare meals.


Naturally Gluten Free Baking - A hands on baking class to introduce the world of naturally gluten free baking. We’ll explore coconut flour, almond meal, buckwheat and some handy go to mixes from the pantry.

Pantry Dump

Let’s ransack and rummage through your pantry, cupboards, fridge and freezer. This hands-on experience will help you understand the process of reading food labels, making healthier choices and choosing new alternatives.

Farm Market Tour

Wanted to explore a farm market but don’t know where to begin? Let us guide you through the array of produce, products and meats as we chat with the farmers and vendors to better understand their practices.

Food Consulting

Restaurants, Retreats, Bed & Breakfasts, Camps, Schools, etc... Looking to add organic, seasonal, gluten free foods to your menu? Let us help you create a plan to capture this expanding market. Let's discuss working with local farms, how to incorporate organic foods and how to expand into naturally gluten free meals and desserts that all your patrons will love and appreciate. Let's take conventional recipes and make them even better. Stand out in the crowd by setting yourself apart.

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