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The Natural Contents Kitchen (NCK) provides prepared food that is delicious, seasonal and health conscious. Every week, a selection of farm fresh food is offered from soup, hummus, salads, freshly made nut milk and granola to veggie burgers, quiche and meaty mains. Healthy Indulgences are also offered to ensure that everyone can have a healthy sweet treat. From My Lovin’ Muffin and cookies to truffles and raw desserts...NCK promises only to delight.


NCK proudly sources organic ingredients whenever available and never knowingly uses anything genetically modified. The majority of offerings are plant based vegetarian but we do offer 100% grass-fed beef and pastured chicken dishes as well. Everything on the menu is naturally gluten free. NCK's sweeteners of choice are coconut sugar (low glycemic), honey (local and raw) and pure maple syrup (local). Artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, additives, refined sugar and flours are never used.


The Natural Contents Kitchen is based on a CSK (Community Supported Kitchen) model which allows food to be prepared efficiently and at a fair price. Since orders are accepted in advance, just the right amount is prepared avoiding unnecessary waste. The menu is dependent on the growing season of local and regional farms and food producers rooted in organic practice. Additional ingredients are sourced from small businesses and independent national brands participating in sustainable business practices.


Consider becoming a supporting member by buying NCK Bucks. By buying bucks in advance, you are helping with the purchasing efforts of seasonal ingredients for the upcoming months. NCK Bucks can be purchased in any dollar amount and are sent via email. A code will be issued and emailed to you which can be entered prior to checkout in the discount code box. You can keep track of your balance by signing into your NCK Account.


Every Thursday, the Weekly Menu is posted and emailed. The items being offered are listed along with the list of ingredients, serving ideas and any dietary descriptions...(i.e. naturally gluten free, vegan, dairy free, etc.) Orders are due Saturday by 9pm for Sunday Callicoon Market pick-up; Orders due Sunday by 9pm for Monday delivery.


After purchasing the Jar & Cooler Package, weekly selections are packaged in mason jars and reusable PBA/PET free containers and packed in a soft cooler with ice packs for grab and go convenience. The Jar & Cooler Package is just shy of being required. We strongly encourage you to purchase it after you've tried us out. Makes for a much easier packaging process and cuts down tremendously on plastic use. All containers, coolers and ice packs are to be returned clean at next pick-up. A nominal charge will be due for damaged or lost items. Regular wear and tear is on us. Please note, you do not need to order every week or order a weekly share to utilize the Jar & Cooler Package.


Be sure to join our mailing list below to receive notification of when the menu is released each week.


Here's how to begin:


1. Check out Weekly Menu
2. Choose a Pick-Up location
3. Buy individual items or a share
4. Consider a Jar & Cooler Package*
5. Add Pantry Staples, veggies, etc...
6. Submit your order
7. Pick-Up your food...Enjoy
*Jars & cooler exchanged at next pick-up

After week 1, the process seems much easier.

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